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Sidewinder Sprints were established in 2007 with the thought of creating a class that reduced / contained costs and would be equally at home on the smaller (1/8 mile) or larger (1/2 mile) tracks. What started off as a basic 600cc micro chassis with a 1000cc engine installed, it quickly became apparent that a niche market existed between micro’s and full size sprints where the average working man could still afford to race. The rules were developed to include the larger 13” wheels and 16 square foot wings and also the upright chassis for those wanting more of a full size sprint car feel.

The engines can be either a stock 1000cc engine or for those that like to tinker, an unlimited less than 760cc engine. With the rules package including hard spec tires and limitations on cockpit adjusters, the weekly racing costs are contained.

There is no such thing as “cookie cutter” racing with Sidewinder Sprints as the teams get to choose the combinations that they like. As in previous seasons, 2013 saw every combination of chassis, wheels, wings and engines visit victory lane continuing to prove the success of the rules / race format package.

Since our inception, we have constantly strived to provide the most cost effective winged sprint car racing and realize that the towing costs and pit fees have become the biggest expense in our racing budgets. 2014 will see us continue to add more racing for your dollar as we once again utilize their unique twin feature format with a finish/passing points matrix to determine the nights finishing order for payout. Starting in 2014, your passing points will become your season championship points.

Our focus remains on continuing to have “fun” racing in the most cost effective sprint car racing in the world.  In 2014 our schedule will see us visit 5 different tracks for 23 points races and 2 non-wing / non points races. With twin feature every night the teams have the opportunity to visit victory lane 50 different times. You can’t beat that value !

Sidewinder Sprints – 2014

2014 Rules Are Posted Here

08/08 Trail-Way and 08/10 Susquehanna
The game was set, the only question was , how many of the regular 600 teams would try to defend their turf. The answer.. just 2.. the impact… HUGE.

Jim Young seems to have control over the Trail-Way clay as every time for the last 2 years when the Sidewinders appear, Jim takes the challenge and manages to pick up at least one win each night. This night was no exception to the rule. With the best possible pill draw starting Jim on the pole in the first feature, it was always going to be a tough mission for the Sidewinder teams to steal it away from Jim.  Mike Zielonis tried and stayed in touch with Jim but was unable to bridge the gap finishing 2nd. Rohan Beasley , who at one stage fell back to 5th, ended up making his way to 3rd. Fourth place went to Austin Quick in the Hyper house car with 5th place in the RTS driven by Brandon Yarlett.

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Tire Shootout Invitational Results:
Tire Shootout Points based on 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

Total Points to Date:

94 72

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If you are planning on joining us in 2014, please register ASAP to ensure that you will receive your preferred number and receive important driver updates. We will not allow duplicate numbers, so numbers are allocated upon the registration order.

2014 Schedule

Date Track


08/08 Trail-Way
08/09 Knoxville
08/16 Path Valley


09/06 Path Valley
09/12 Lindas
09/19 Trail-Way
09/21 (Sun) Susquehanna
09/27 Shippensburg


10/04 Path Valley
  Sprint Nationals
10/05 Path Valley
  2nd day Sprint Nationals
10/11 Shippensburg
  Wingless No points
10/18 Shippensburg
  Wingless No points
10/25 Susquehanna
  Candy Bowl
Final Points race





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